The Importance of Health for Us

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Health is the condition of the body that is free from pain, free from stress so that a person can do the activity optimally and think well.
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A healthy body very supports activities that we do, without good physical health then our daily activities will be disrupted. Physical health only is not perfect if it is not supported by our mental or mind health, because the function of the body will decrease if our mind health is disrupted.
The result of health disruption includes the declining performance of the body. This condition will be very disturbing our daily activities. If the situation or condition is prolonged, it will be dangerous for us, for example, we are unable to work.
Physical health and mental health are very important, but many people ignore it. Many people are not aware if their body has limitations in the function.
If we want to get good quality of health, we must know when the body has to stop working, when the body needs refreshing, and also should know good food for our body.
A balanced activity should actually be run; otherwise it would be bad for us.
One more thing that is often underestimated is our mental health that comes from spiritual activity. People are too busy with the material and forget the spiritual, that's what happened today. And if our spiritual health is not good, we will not be able to feel comfort of our minds.
Our success is largely determined by the good performance of ourselves and all can only be achieved if our body and our mental health are maintained. 

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