Food Function for Our Body

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In our daily life, it will not be separated from the food, because food is one of the essential requirements for human beside water, oxygen or air.

food protein

The main functions of food for our body:
1. Maintain the body's process of growth or development
2. Replace the damaged tissue
3. The source of energy for the body to do activities
4. Adjust the metabolism and regulate the various balances of water, mineral and other body fluids 
5. Functioning in the body's defense mechanism against various disease into the body

In order to make the food to be function properly in the body, the food we eat is not just glutting food, but also containing supporting substances needed by our body.
This substance is called nutrients, with good nutritional adequacy; the basic functions will be achieved so that the food intake will be very useful in maintaining and improving the health of our body.
The food we eat should also be balanced and not excessive, because if it is excessive, it will cause some problems for the health of our body.

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