Definition of Health Behavior

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Health behavior is a person's response to stimulus or object associated with health-illness, disease, and factors that affect health, such as environment, food, drink and healthcare.
health behavior
In other words, health behavior is all a person’s activities, both observable and unobservable. 
Health behavior is grouped into two:
1. The behavior of healthy people to stay healthy and increase
This behavior is called healthy behavior, including behaviors (overt and covert behavior) in prevention or avoidance of disease and disease causes.
For Example:
Eating with balanced nutrition, regular exercise, no smoking, no drinking, avoiding mosquito bites, brushing teeth before sleeping and after eating, washing hands with soap before eating, etc.
2. The behavior of sick people 
This behavior is called health-seeking behavior. This behavior includes actions taken by a sick person to obtain healing.
For Example:
Going to hospitals, clinics etc.
Health behavior done by someone is related to knowledge; the better knowledge of someone, the health behavior will be good.
Health behavior among individuals is also different each other, because it is influenced by many factors, such as economic factors, environmental factors, facility factors, and knowledge itself.
In the modern era like today in which there are many activity demands, we should realize the importance of health, it will create good and optimal behavior health. Thus, the condition of our health will be better.

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