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Healthy and sick are two cases that are series of processes running continuously in human life.
healthy sick baby
Simply, the concept of health-sick can be considered moving from a healthy point to a sick point through a horizontal line, or as a continuous variable.

As an illustration, the description is as follows:
Healthy -------->>--------- Sick

This simple concept develops rapidly in line with the demands of scientific and technological progress and socio-cultural development of society.
Therefore, for example, sometime ago healthy could be explained just by declaring "no pain", it was a difficult thing to understand. Likewise, the question why there was sick, it was not an easy question to answer, or just had a single answer.
It is marked by the development of the sick concept which is originally a single-causa into a multi-causa. Besides that, It also develops a theory that looks to healthy as a continuous variable (Bustan, 2006).
The Meaning of ‘healthy’ is a condition of the whole body and its parts which are free from pain.
Healthy definition is safe condition of the body, soul and social that makes someone to live socially and economically.
The concept of "healthy", World Health Organization (WHO) formulates in a very broad scope, i.e "perfect condition of physical, mental and social, not only the absence of disease or infirmity / disability". In this definition, healthy is not just the absence of disease or disability. People who are not diseased are certainly not necessarily said to be healthy. He should be in perfect condition physically, mentally, and socially.

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