Definition of Doping and Reasons for Using Doping In Athlete

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Doping is provision / use by competitors, such as material that is foreign to the organism through any way or physiological material in abnormal amounts or given through an abnormal way in order to improve achievement. (International Congress of Sport Sciences; Olympiade Tokyo 1964).
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There are several reasons why an athlete uses doping:
1. Psychosocial Aspect
Every individual has potential in doing offense, moreover, when the environment provides an opportunity for the offense.
2. Personality
Individual who has negative or low self-concept and self-esteem, in the face of competitive situation, he has a tendency to seek personal gain by the use of unfair ways, one of them is doping usage.
3. Individual Social Environment 
a. Victory Social value 
In each competition, victory, achievement, or medal sometimes become the only dreams of every individual or group without considering the other things that allow athletes to justify any way, including doping.
b. Community Environment
Society is also a significant stressor. Defeat in a play always gets response from the community in the form of scolding, criticism, anger and even disproportionate rage, so that athlete must "win" in every event. 
c. Player environment
The desire to win is always present in the environment of players; either coach or official even family, so it can cause uncontrolled desire and sense of responsibility.
4. Lack of information about the dangers of doping for themselves and others.
5. Intense competition.
6. Commercialization, athletes or coaches are often less selective to face the incessant offer of drugs from manufacturer.
7. Propaganda, the competition to win a bonus for instance, is one of boosters for athletes to be able to grab honors in every event encountered, which unfortunately sometimes by any way, including the use of doping.
8. Frustrated because the exercise done does not produce achievement.

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