Definition and Aspects of Health Law

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The definition of health law is all legal provisions that are directly related to health care and the application.
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It concerns to the rights and obligations of individuals and all levels of society as the recipients of the health care or health care providers in all aspects, organization, means, standard guidelines for medical services, health sciences and law and other legal sources. Medical law is part of health law, concerning to medical care / service.
At present, it can be agreed upon scope of the legal regulations for health services according to medical science including aspects in the field of criminal, civil law, administrative law, even the aspects of constitutional law. Skill education requirements, performing profession, procedure in opening medical practice, and various restrictions and supervision of medical profession are included in administrative law section.
Rights and obligations arising from the relationship of health services, the agreement between doctors and patients and their families, due to the civil negligence and the claim in health care are included in civil law. Witness, truth of health certificate, keeping secrecy, abortion, drugs or narcotics prescription, help the sick resulting in danger of death or injury are included in criminal law section.
Government health efforts involving health workers as competent state authorities are the development of constitutional law aspects in medical health law. All legal aspects in medical health legislation become legal devices that specifically define the behavior of order or necessity command or prohibitions that apply to the parties concerned with health efforts as specified in legislation. Besides the legal norms contained in medical health law, it also applies ethical norms of health / medical ethical norms as guides about the good and bad things in the daily moral life. 

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