Definition, Object and Purpose of Criminology

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In short definition, criminology is the science of crime.
According to Romli Atmsasmita, criminology definitions are:
a. Narrow definition
In the narrow definition, criminology specifically studies crime.
b. Broad definition
Criminology studies Penology and the methods relating to crime and crime prevention issues with non-punitive actions.
Sutherland proposed that the definition of criminology is a whole sciences related to crime as a social phenomenon.

Moeljatno divided criminology into three parts:
a. Biology Criminal 
It leads or specifically addressed to a person who committed to a crime causes.
b. Sociology Criminal 
It is a social factor that causes a person to do a crime, such as environmental factor or other social aspect which has influence on a person to do a crime.
c. Policy Criminal 
it is the actions or any policy that should be taken so that the person does not do a crime.

Simanjuntak proposed that criminology contains a variety of sciences, namely:
a. Anthropology Criminal is the science that studies private criminals. The main study is more to the physical characteristics of criminals and the relationship between the tribe with the bad person. 
b. Sociology Criminal is the science that studies the crime as a social phenomenon, with an emphasis on the social conditions that lead to crime.
c. Psychology Criminal is a science that studies psychiatric symptoms in the occurrence of a crime.
d. Psycho and neuropathology Criminal is the science that studies the criminals who suffer from insanity.
e. Penology is the science that studies the development of criminal sanctions, the meaning and benefits of the criminal sanctions.
f. Criminal is an applied science that studies the techniques of crime or operandi modus and investigative techniques.

Criminology Object
The object of criminology is the person who does the crime.

The purpose of Criminology
Criminology purpose is to understand the causes of a person doing a crime. Is someone who committed a crime caused by social conditions or local community or because that person has the talent to be a villain.

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