Causes of Doing Crime

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I feel bored watching criminal report on television, almost every day there are innumerable cases of crimes. 
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Sad to hear crime cases happen around us because of increasingly brutal crimes committed resulting in murder and others.
Currently, soul is like no means, robbery with murder, stealing with violence as if it never stops.
Is the police unable to cope with the crimes occurred? Why do the evildoers never be wary to the presence of the police?
Why do many crimes happen?
I will answer this question with the classic answer. The cause is economy demand. It is true if poverty will blind the hearts and minds so that short cut is used to meet the economic demand without considering others.
But actually the most basic sources of the problem that cause someone doing criminal act are mental and education.
Good mental and education are absolute unity that exists in a person if he wants to be a humane person. With hard economic demand, good mental and education will certainly prevent a person to do crime.
Good education and mental can be formed through a good family, good kids come from good father and mother, without a good family it is not possible to create a good personal.
If the role of the family cannot afford, then it should be the government’s role who is obliged to build mental and education for its citizens.

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