Victimology Definition

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Victimology Definition
Victimology is derived from the Latin "victima" which has the meaning of the victim and "logos" which has the meaning of science. In accordance with terminology, victimology studies the victim, the victim causes and the consequences of a victim which is a human problem as a social reality.
victimology law
Arief Gosita defined a victim of crime in a broad definition, which is not only defined by the Criminal Act, but also actions that cause suffering and cannot be justified and considered evil, or not yet formulated in the legislation because of certain condition.

Muhadar proposed that typologically the victims of crime have a meaning:
a. Primary victimization is the individual victim or the individual rather than the group.
b. Secondary victimization is victim groups, such as legal entity.
c. Tertiary victimization, the victims are the wider community.
d. Mutual victimization, the victim is the offender himself.
e. No victimization, the victim is not immediately known.

Muhammad Typhoon explained that theoretically victimology is aimed at two things, the involvement of the victim in the crime, and the attention of the criminal law to crime victims.

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