Definition and Symptoms of Anemia

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The definition of Anemia is a disease caused by the consumption of unbalanced iron (Fe) in the body or less than the body needs.
It can also be said that the definition of anemia is a condition in which the level of hemoglobin (Hb) in the blood cells is less than normal.
What is iron?
Iron is an essential micro-element for the body, in which the function of iron is to help the clotting of blood (hemoglobin).
Another function of iron is required enzyme as activator. Iron is more easily absorbed by the small intestine in the form of Ferro. This absorption has auto regulation mechanism that is regulated by Ferritin levels found in the intestinal mucosa cells.
Under good condition of iron, it is only about 10% of the iron contained in food that is absorbed into the intestinal mucosa.
The iron requirement in women is more than men, even if the woman is pregnant then the iron need will increase, because the fetus is also need the iron.
Therefore, a mother during pregnancy should consume foods that contain more iron than before. If the food is not fulfilled, she can consume blood enhancing drugs.
The common symptoms of anemia include: weak, tired, lethargic, listless, fatigue, fast heartbeat, headache and dizziness, face pale.

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