Definition of Need and Desire

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Need is situation that demands to be met. Need can be said as a condition of feeling not having the basic satisfaction. Humans need food, houses, clothing, security, etc. to be able to carry out their life. These needs are individuals that have to be provided or sought by the individuals themselves.
need desire
There are needs that are essential and unessential to be met. Essential need, for example,elementary education, and unessential need such as high education. People without elementary education are difficult to perform live, but people can still live without high education althoughthey only have low competitiveness. 
Desire is a willto meet the desired needs. Need of each person is different; it is due to lifestyle, cultural, andsocial economic factors. 
Someone who lives in village will probably have a simpler and easier desire compared to people who live in the city. Similarly, the desire for someone who lives in country A will be different from someone who lives in country B. 
Every human has needs that must be met, but if it is calculated, actually theneed is only few. It is different with the desire of someone who sometimes wants something that is not needed. 
In simple words, if we talk about need, it is associated with things that should be provided, while desire is booster to meet those needs. Without desire, the need will never be met.

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