Definition of Educational Philosophy

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Definition of Educational Philosophy according to some experts:
Philosophy of education is a regular activity of the thought, which makes philosophy as a way to organize, harmonize and integrate the educational process. (Al-Syaibani 1979)
Philosophy of education is a fundamental basic skill formation, concerning to the power of thought (intellectual), the power of feeling (emotional), and human nature (John Dewey, 1957).
Educational philosophy is a science that is essentially the answer to the questions in the field of education. Philosophy of education is an application of philosophical analysis to the field of education. (Imam Barnadit, 1993)
In the relationship between philosophy (general) and philosophy of education, philosophy of education has some limitations.
(1) Philosophy of education is a view implementation of philosophy and philosophical principles in the field of human experience called education. Thus, educational philosophy tries to explain and clarify that this human experience is appropriate to new life. Educational philosophy contains an attempt to find concepts that put human in the midst of various symptoms in educational process. Then, it can also attempt to explain the various meanings that become the basis of educational concepts with the foundation aspects of human attention.
(2) Studying philosophy of education because of the belief that the study is very important in the effort to improve education. Educational issues related to guidance, assessment, method and others are the responsibility of educational philosophy that relies on the guidance of students’ behavior and attitudes towards society.
(3) Educational philosophy has principles, beliefs, concepts that are integrated each other. The principles intended are beliefs to the problems of education. It is disclosed to be the basis of statements, plans, programs, curriculum and teaching rules, which of course are expected to find solutions to the educational problems.
Philosophy (general) and philosophy of education have a close relationship. The goals are same; to strive together in developing human life.

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