Definition of System According to Some Experts

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Definition of System According to Some Experts

Here are some definitions of system according to some experts.
1. L. James Havery
System is logical and rational procedure to perform or design a series of components that are related to each other.
2. Gordon B. Davis
A system consists of parts interrelated that operate together to achieve some goals and intents.
3. Salisbury
System is a group of parts or components that work together as a unified function.
4. John Mc Manama
System is a conceptual structure composed of functions that are interconnected and work as an organic unity to achieve the desired results effectively and efficiently.
5. Ludwig Von Bartalanfy
System is a set of elements that are bound in inter-relationships among the elements and the environment.
6. Indrajid
System implies the sets of components owned by the element that are related each other.
7. C.W. Churchman
System is a set of parts that are coordinated in tune and harmonious to carry out the objectives set.
8. Andri Kristanto
The system is a network of procedures interconnected, gathered together to do an activity or solve a particular target.
9. Edgar F. Huse and James L. Bowdict
System is a series or series of parts related and relies in such a way to cause the interaction and mutual influence.
10. O'brien
System is a group of related components, working together to achieve a common goal by receiving input and producing output in an orderly transformation.
11. Bertalanffy
System is a set of components that interacts each other and work together to achieve the same goal.
12. Djekky R. Djoht
System is aggregation or grouping objects united by some interaction forms that are fixed and interdependent, a group of different units, which are combined by nature or art so it forms an integral whole and functioning, operation, or moving in a unitary. 
13. Jogianto
System is a collection of elements that interact to achieve a certain goal.
14. Azhar Susanto
System is a collection / group of any sub-systems / parts / components, either physical or non-physical that relate to each other and work together in harmony to achieve a certain goal.
15. Umar Fahmi Achmadi
System is a structure describing the existence of a series of different components that have relationship and common goal in harmonious and coordinated that work or run within a certain time and planned.
16. Koentjaraningrat
System is functioning and moving arrangement.
17. Mulyadi
System is basically a group of elements that are closely associated with each other, which function together to achieve certain goals.

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