Costumer Consideration Process

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Costumer Consideration Process 

Before and after makingpurchase, a customer will perform a number of costumer consideration processes: 
Problem recognition 
Costumers will buy a product as a solution to the problems faced. Without problem recognition, customers are not able to determine the products to be bought. 
Information source 
After understanding the problems that exist, costumers will be motivated to seek information to solve the existing problems through searching information. The searching process can be derived from the memory (internal) and based on the experience of others (external). 
Alternative evaluation 
After a costumer has a wide range of information, he will evaluate the alternatives existing to overcome the problems faced. 
Purchase decision 
After costumers evaluate several existing strategy alternatives, they will make a purchase decision. Sometimes the time taken to make purchasing decisions by creating actual purchase is not same because of the other things that need to be considered. 
Post-purchase evaluation 
Evaluation process done by costumers does not just end at the stage of purchase decision-making. After buying the product, the costumer will evaluate whether the product is in accordance with expectations or not. In this case, there are satisfaction and dissatisfaction of customer. 
Costumers will be satisfied if the product is in accordance with the expectations and will further increase the demand for the product brand in the future. In contrast, they will feel dissatisfied if the product is not in accordance with expectations and it will reduce costumer demand in the future.

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