How to Measure Motivation

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There are several ways to measure motivation:

1. Projective Test
One of projective techniques widely known is Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). In this test, client is given a picture and the client is asked to make a story out of the picture.
In theory of Mc Leland, it was explained that humans have three needs: need for achievement (n-ach), need for power (n-power), and need for affiliation (n-aff). From the content of the story, we can examine a client's underlying motivation based on the concept needs.
2. Questionnaire
The trick is asking client to fill out a questionnaire containing questions that can provoke the client’s motivation.
For example is EPPS (Edward's Personal Preference Schedule). This questionnaire consists of 210 numbers which each number consists of two questions. Client is asked to choose one of these two questions that is more representative of him. From filling the questionnaire, it will be known the motivation of the client.
3. Observation
Another way to measure motivation is creating a situation so that the client can bring the behavior that reflects his motivation.
For example, to measure the desire to excel, the client is asked to produce origami in a certain time limit. The behavior observed is, whether the client uses the feedback given, takes risky decisions and concerns with the quality rather than quantity of work.

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