Functions of Human Resource Management

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There are some functions of human resource management:
human resource management

1. Planning 
It is a conscious effort in making a decision that has been considered about what will be done in the future by a company to achieve the intended purpose.
2. Recruitment 
Effective recruitment will provide an employment opportunity for people who have the ability and skills meeting the qualifications and specifications of the job.
3. Selection
Selection of labor is the process of finding suitable and right employment of the candidates available.
4. Orientation, Training and Development
All activities to provide, obtain, and improve and develop job competence, productivities, discipline, attitude and work ethos at certain skill and expertise levels in accordance with the level and qualification of the job and position.
5. Work Evaluation
It is not less important than the other management functions. Evaluation Function of human resource management is useful so that the company no longer makes the same mistake.
6. Compensation
Compensation function is granting of fair and decent remuneration based on the labor responsibilities and achievement.
7. Integration
The integration is the activity to unite between the company interests and the needs of employees, thus it creates beneficial partnership to both parties.
8. Maintenance
Maintenance function is activity to maintain or even improve mental, physical and loyalty conditions of workers in order to create long cooperation.
9. Dismissal
It is discontinuation of employment relationship between the labor and the company caused by something that resulted in the rights and obligations ended between the employer (company) and employee. 

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