Factors Affecting Employee Performance

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A labor or employee will always be demanded to have good and high performance by the company. It is very reasonable because the company has high targets to be achieved, for example, maximum profit, satisfactory customer service, and maintaining the company existence. 
Many experts express about the factors affecting the performance of a person, including employees. Factors that affect performance according to Sutermeister (1999) consist of motivation, ability, knowledge, skills, education, experience, training, interests, personality attitudes, physical conditions and physiological needs, social needs and the needs of egoistic.
Mangkunagara (2002), for example, argued that there are two factors affecting performance achievement. 
The two factors are ability and motivation factors:
Ability of a person consists of the ability of potential (IQ) and the ability of reality. Reality ability is a merger between knowledge and skills. Based on these abilities, then --- in work context --- staffing must be in accordance with the expertise (The right man in the right place, the right man on the right job).
Motivation is formed of an employee attitude in a work situation that drives him directionally to achieve his work objectives in order to achieve organizational goals. For that, it is needed self-motivation that will encourage him to do an activity well to achieve good performance or work achievements. That's called a positive relationship between achievement motive and the achievement of performance as proposed by McClelland (in Mangkunagara, 2002).

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