Diseases Related to Water

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Diseases related to water can be divided into some groups based on the transmission mode.
water pollution
The mechanism of disease transmission is divided into four (Chandra, 2007):
1. Waterborne mechanism
In this mechanism, pathogens in the water that can cause human disease are transmitted to humans through mouth or digestive system. Examples of diseases that are transmitted through this mechanism include cholera, typhoid, viral hepatitis, bacillary dysentery, and poliomyelitis.
2. Waterwashed mechanism
This mechanism is related to general and personal hygiene. In this mechanism, there are three modes of transmission:
Infection through digestive tract, such as diarrhea in children.
Infection through skin and eye, such as scabies and trachoma.
Transmission by rodents such as leptospirosis.
3. Water-based mechanism
Diseases transmitted by this mechanism have cause agents that undergo most the life cycle in the vector body or as intermediate host that live in water, for example, schistosomiasis and disease caused by Dracunculus medinensis.
4. Water -related insect vector mechanism 
Disease agent is transmitted through insect bite that breeds in the water, for example, filariasis, dengue, malaria, and yellow fever.

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