Healthy Lifestyle

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Healthy lifestyle greatly determines the quality of life. It is closely related to discipline, level of education, lifestyle and so on. Someone who wants to enjoy life should implement this healthy lifestyle.
healthy lifestyle
According to Becker cited by Notoatmodjo (2003), healthy lifestyle is behavior related to one's efforts or activities to maintain and improve their health.
Healthy lifestyle includes:
1. Having a balanced diet (appropriate diet). Balanced diet is in the sense of quality containing nutrients that the body’s needs and quantity stating sufficient amount to meet the body's needs.
2. Regular exercise that includes quality and quantity in terms of frequency and time spent on sports.
3. No smoking. Smoking is a bad habit that leads to various diseases. Smoking is a habit with no positive purpose to human health.
4. No drinking and drugs. Drinking alcohol and taking drugs recently tend to increase.
5. Getting enough rest, with the increasing life needs as a result of modern environment adaptation requires people to work hard and excessively so they have less rest time.
6. Controlling stress. Stress will happen to anyone, especially due to the harsh demands of life. The tendency of stress will increase on everyone. Stress is unavoidable, it is important to make stress not interfere our health by controlling and managing stress with positive activities.

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