Clinical Nutrition and Community Nutrition

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In terms of the nature, nutritional science is divided into two; nutrition related to individual health which is called individual health nutrition and nutrition related to public health which is called public health nutrition. 
Both the science natures are finally developed into each branch of sciences; science branch of individual health or called clinical nutrition and science branch of public health nutrition or community nutrition.
Both science branches of nutrition are distinguished by the problem natures. Clinical nutrition is related to nutritional problems on individuals who are suffering from health problems due to lack or excess nutrients. Therefore, the nature of clinical nutrition is more focused on curative rather than preventive and promotive. 
Meanwhile, community nutrition is related to malnutrition in the community; therefore, the nature of people nutrition is more emphasis on prevention and promotion.
Because both the natures of sciences are different, it will cause different types of professions that deal with the two main problems. Clinical nutrition deals with clinical problems in individuals with nutritional disorders, and then medical profession is more appropriate to handle it. Otherwise, community nutrition deals with nutritional disorders in the community, where people have a very broad aspect, the handling should be multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary. Medical profession is not enough to deal with the problem of community nutrition.
Handling of community nutrition is not enough by therapy to the patients, because if after they are recover, they will return to the community. Therefore, therapeutic of community nutrition disorders are not only addressed to the sufferer, but also the whole society.
Community nutritional problems not only concerns to health aspects, but also other related aspects, such as economic, social, cultural, educational, demographic, and so on. Therefore, nutrition treatment or therapy as therapy effort is not only directed to the nutritional or health disorders, but also other aspects.
For example, lack of calorie and protein disease in children under five, it is not enough by giving supplementary feeding (PMT), but also family economic improvement, knowledge increase and so on.

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