Dimensions of Health Care Quality

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Quality of Health Care can be seen in 5 dimensions:
Health care
1. Responsiveness 
This dimension is added to the ability of health workers to help customers and their readiness to serve in accordance with procedures and can meet customer expectations. Customer expectations for service speed tend to increase over time. Responsive health care is determined by the attitude of staff in front because it deals directly with service users and their families.
2. Reliability
It is the ability to provide health care timely and accurately in accordance with the offer. To improve reliability in the field of health care, the management needs to build an excellent work culture. Reliability is associated with the ability to deliver promised services.
3. Assurance
This criterion relates to the knowledge, courtesy and officer natures trusted by customers. This dimension includes friendliness, competence, credibility and security factors.
4. Empathy
It is associated to a sense of care and special attention of staff to each service user, understanding their needs and providing facilities to be contacted at any time if the service users need the help.
5. Tangible
Quality of health care can also be felt directly by the users by providing physical facilities and adequate equipment. For example, reception and patient care rooms are clean, comfortable, and complete.

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