Definition and Causes of Work Accident

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Definition of Work Accident is unpredictable and unexpected event as the result of work.
safety work
Work accident definition according to Sumakmur (1989) is an accident related to the work relationship with company. The work relationship means that the accident occurs as the result of the work or at the time of carrying out the work.
Therefore, these work accidents include two main problems; work accident as the result of direct work and accident occur when the work is being done.
In a further development, the scope of work accident is expanded again including labor accidents that occur while traveling or transporting to and from the workplace.
In other words, a traffic accident that happened to labor on the way to and from workplace or in order to carry out their work also includes work accident.
There two causes of work accidents:
1. The behavior of the workers (human factor), which does not meet safety.
For example: Because of inadvertence, carelessness, drowsiness, fatigue, etc. Based on the research results, 85% of the accident occurs due to human factor.
2. The unsafe conditions of work environment or unsafely condition.
Examples: slippery floors, poor lighting, glare, open machine etc.

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