Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases

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Infectious Disease Prevention and Control can be done by 3 approaches or ways:
1. Reservoir Elimination (Disease Source)
Elimination of human reservoir as a source of the disease spread can be done by:
a. Isolating the patients by placing them in a specific place to reduce contact with other people.
prevention infectious diseases
b. Quarantine, it is limiting the space for patients and placing them together in a specific place designed for it. Usually in a long time, for example quarantine for lepers.
2. Breaking the Infection Chain 
Improving environmental sanitation and personal hygiene are important efforts to break the chain of infection or infectious disease.
3. Protecting Vulnerable People (Group)
Infants and young children are vulnerable to infectious diseases. This vulnerable age group needs a special environment (specific protection) with immunization, both active and passive immunizations. Prophylacsis drugs can also prevent malaria, meningitis, and baksilus dysentery. 
At a young child, less nutrition will cause the child vulnerability. Therefore, improving child nutrition is also an effort of infectious disease prevention in children.

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