Definition and Principles of Counseling

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The definition of Counseling is face to face communication; someone helps others to make decisions that are based on the consideration of several alternatives.
Counseling Process
Counseling is different from interview, because interview is a serious conversation between two people or more, it is used as the beginning of the counseling process.
1. Principles of Counseling:
When a counselor does counseling, he should be ready and accept clients as he is.
2. Individual
Counseling is originally aimed to the individual, but in the implementation and the development, it can be used for couples, families or groups. 
What meant by individual is the decomposition problems and the follow-up application that are for an individual even though the individual is part of a couple or a family.
3. Secrecy
Everything that is discussed in the counseling process is secret.
4. Determinants is the Client
Counselor just offers an alternative or as a facilitator if the client has already have some alternative solutions to the problems.
5. Emotion Control 
Counselor should always control his emotion, such as upset, sad and happy emotions.
6. No Judging
Although the client does something that is not good according to the counselor, the counselor does not need to judge. 
In the field of health and medicine, counseling goal is to solve the problems faced by the patient or client.

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