PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in Hospital

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How to use PPE in Hospital for Health Workers (doctor, nurse)
PPE or personal protective equipment is essential used by doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, dental nurses when taking care of patients in hospitals, health centers and other health facilities.
ppe cross infection
The important factors that must be considered in the use of PPE:
1. Wear PPE before contacting to patient, generally before entering the room (action or operation)
2. Use it carefully, do not spread the contamination
3. Take off and discard carefully into infectious waste that has been provided in a special locker room. Take off the mask outdoors
4. Immediately do the cleaning hands with hand hygiene steps according to the guidelines
Steps wearing PPE on the treatment of contact isolation and airborne room:
1. Wear work clothes as the first layer of protective clothing 
2. Wear protective feet
3. Wear a first pair of gloves 
4. Wear an outer gown 
5. Wear a plastic apron
6. Wear a second pair of gloves
7. Wear a mask
8. Wear a headgear
9. Wear eye protection
The principles of PPE usage:
ppe protective gown
1. Protective Gown
- Cover the fully body from neck to knee, arm to wrist and wrap it to your back 
- Tie at the back of the neck and waist
ppe mask
2. Mask
- Tighten the strap or elastic band at the center of the head and neck
- Fit the flexible metal nose clip on nose
- Fit tightly to the face and under the chin so it adheres well
- Recheck fitting mask
ppe glasses face protection
3. Glasses or face protection
Wear on the face and eyes and adjust to fit
ppe gloves
4. Gloves
Pull up to cover the wrist of isolation gown
That is a glimpse of the use of PPE for health workers

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