Dry Heat Sterilization of Medical and Dental Equipment

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Dry heat sterilization is sterilizing equipment using high-heat oven, for example, a sharp metal tool, a tool of glass that is resistant to heat. Dry heat sterilizer can also be used to sterilize endodonticy and dressings endodonticy instruments.

dry heat sterilization

Oven Sterilization by streaming dry air is less efficient as a heat conductor instead of the heat vapor at the same temperature, so it is needed the higher temperature than the use of an autoclave for sterilization. The recommended temperature is maintaining at temperatures of 160 ° C for 2 hours. Exposure for 1 hour with the temperature of 170 ° C is also effective. 

Many dentists and doctors places prefer to use dry heat sterilizer in the practices, because it can maintain the sharpness of the tool tip of Surgical Instruments, it does not rust or corrosion as well as effective and safe for the sterilization of metal instruments.
High temperature can damage the rubber and plastic base material, melt the solder of most print spoon and weaken some of the fabric, and change the color of the cloth and paper materials. Packaging that is thicker and larger than normal packaging also can increase the interval time required to achieve sterile tool. Some people also assume that the long exposure of dry heat is a shortage. It is based on the assumption that the sterilization period 1-2 hours plus cooling time will hinder the smooth recirculation of the instrument.

Sterilization using hot air oven requires a higher temperature and longer time than the use of an autoclave in the destruction of bacterial spores. Oven tends to form hot spots and cold inside  which resulted in particular instruments that do not reach the required temperature. On the other hand, there are instruments that receive greater heat, so it can cause damage to the instrument.

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