Oral Lesions

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Lesion is a term that indicates the state of abnormal body tissues. It can occur due to disease process either caused by infection, metabolic problems, autoimmune, or trauma (physical, electrical, chemical).
lesion, ulser
Oral mucosal lesion:
It is a lesion contained and on the body tissues of oral cavity. The terms used to describe the oral mucosal lesion are:
1. Erosion: the loss of partial surface of epithelium without opening the deeper layers or the connective tissue underneath.
2. Ulcer: The loss of the entire thickness of epithelium and the opening of the tissue underneath.
3. Vesicle: accumulation of clear bounded fluid, having a large diameter, which is more than 5 mm. It can be intraepithelial and singular or plural.
4. Bulla: accumulation of clear bounded fluid, having a diameter of 5 mm. It maybe intraepithelial or sub epithelial and singular or plural
5. Papule: narrow elevated area; clear bounded (the term is more often used to describe cutaneous abnormality of the mucosa lesions)
6. Macula: the area change clear bounded color. It may be small or large and singular or plural.

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