Purpose, function and Pillars of Character Education

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Purpose, function and Pillars of Character Education
Purpose of Character Education
Character education essentially aims to form a strong nation, competitive, noble, moral, tolerant, mutual cooperation, patriotic, dynamic developing, oriented science and technology which are imbued by faith and piety to God.
Functions of Character Education
Character education serves to:
1. Develop basic potential in order to be good, good thoughts, and good behaved.
2. Strengthen and build the nation's behavior.
3. Improve the competitive civilization in the world association.
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Six Pillars of Character Education:
1. Trustworthiness 
Be honest, do not deceiving, plagiarism or stealing, be reliable - do what you say you will do, ask for the courage to do the right thing, build a good reputation, obedient - stand with family, friends and country.
2. Respect
Be tolerant of differences, use manners, not bad language, consider the feelings of others, do not threaten, hit or hurt others, make peace with anger, insults and dispute.
3. Responsibility 
Always do your best, use self-control, discipline, think before act - consider the consequences, be responsible of your choice.
4. Fairness 
Play by the rules, take the necessary and share, open-minded; listen to others, do not take advantage of others, do not blame others carelessly.
5. Caring 
Love and show your care, express gratitude, forgive others, help people in need.
6. Citizenship 
Make school and community better, cooperate, get involved in community affairs, be a good neighbor, obey laws and rules, respect the authority, protect the environment.

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