Someone’s Reason in Joining a Group

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Someone’s Reason in Joining a Group 
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There are several reasons why people are grouping. Some people even consider that group is a necessity; it means that without grouping, someone feels uncomfortable to live. Therefore, there are several reasons that can be inventoried why people decide to be group: 
1. Security, by joining in a group, one can reduce discomfort in solitude. Many people feel stronger and do not hesitate in a group. 
2. Status, by joining a group, a person feels more regarded and more respectable than being alone. 
3. Self-esteem, because of people feel more honored when grouping, then they feelhaving self-esteem. 
4. Affiliation, many social needs can be got when someone is in group. Friendly atmosphere when distress, pain, death, and disaster; someone will be easier to get help from others. 
5. Building strength, many things cannot be achieved individually; however, it becomes possible when grouping. By grouping, it will make easier to build the strength to achieve something great. 
6. Achieving the goal, because of grouping leadsto strength, of course it will facilitate the achievement of objectives. 

Formal and Informal groups 
In the practice in society, there are formal and informal groups. Formal group can be defined as a group created by the managerial decision to achieve organizational objectives, therefore there are many formal groups that are found in formal and structured organizations. 
Formal groups consist of command group and task group. Command group is characterized by the presence of command chain of the leader led. Because of the command, the leader’s command must be done. Negligence on the matter will result in sanctions from the organization. In contrast, informal group can be said as more evolved group of individual effort and development of interests and friendship rather than design deliberately formed by organization.

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