The Emotionally Healthy Person

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What are the basic qualities demonstrated by emotionally healthy people in our culture (It`s important to note that what we think of as emotional health depends to some extent on our culture.
emotionally health
What we consider to be a normal way of dealing with a conflict might not be considered appropriate or healthy by a Brazilian or a Chinese, or by an ancient Roman, or by a person in the Middle Ages). There are many exceptions to any rule about emotional health, of course, but most authorities agree that emotionally healthy people have at least the following characteristics :
- They are able to understand reality and deal with it constructively.
- They can adapt to reasonable demands for change.
- They have a reasonable degree of personal autonomy.
- They can cope with stresses.
- They have a concern for other people.
- They have an ability to love.
- They are able to work productively.
It is important to remember that our emotional health is not a static condition; it is a dynamic process. Our level of emotional health varies slightly day by day. All of us have days when we feel good about ourselves and the world around us seems friendly. We also have days when most things seem to go wrong for us and we feel bad about ourselves. But if our general emotional health is good, we can “roll with the punches”. Emotional health is the quality that enables us to enjoy the good times and somehow make it through times when we are miserable-and keep both extremes in perspective.
Reference :
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