Health Policy Triangle

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The health policy triangle is a highly simplified approach to a complex set of inter-relationships, and may give the impression that thr four factors can be considered separately.This is not so! In reality, actors are influenced (as individuals or members of groups or organizations) by the context within which they live and work; context is affected by many factors such as instability or ideology, by history and culture; and the process of policy making-how issues get on to policy agendas, and how they fare once there - is affected by actors, their position in power structures, their own values and expectations. And the content of policy reflects some or all of these dimensions.
So, while policy triangle is useful for helping to think systematically about all the different factors that might affect policy, it is like a map that shows the main roads but that has yet to have contours, rivers, forests, paths and dwellings added to it.

Reference :

Buse,K., Mays,N.,Walt,G.,2005, Making Health Policy, Open University Press

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