Objectives of Adult Education (Andragogy)

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Students included in Education of Adults (Andragogy) are not in the category of Children Education (Pedagogy) so that the learning cannot be equated with children. The main purpose of adult education is to help each student as an adult to develop themselves through education.
There is no one system of adult education that can meet all the learning needs and desires of students. It is also possible of efforts to help each student to develop the potential or ability that they have as good as possible.
Through adult education (andragogy), lecturers are expected to encourage the development of students in the direction of three things:
1. Generating students’ spirit.
2. Providing the ability for students to be able to do as the others do.
3. Providing the ability for students to be able to reject or accept the things associated with their development.
Achievement of these three aspects refers to the achievement of self-confidence and the ability to live independently in accordance with one's status in society. The three aspects free people from stupidity in order not to be treated as a passive robot that just carrying out orders without thinking.
On the other hand, students are expected to be creative, sensitive, aware humans, and become members of the community who take an active role in the development process. The three aspects are the provision of knowledge and skills and attitudes that become the final destination of adult education organized by various institutions. The three aspects are the ultimate goal of an education in institutions of High Education.

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