Counseling using Lecture and Demonstration Methods

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In doing counseling, we can use a variety of media. The most common and the most popular is by using lecture method.
When we only use lecture method, the possible result that we get in the form of an understanding of the target may not be maximal. Therefore, the combination of lecture method and other methods can be used to anticipate it.
counseling demonstration method
One way that we can use is demonstration method. Here I will explain briefly about it. 
Why should be preceded by a lecture method in performing demonstration method?
We should understand that lecture method is the best method of embedding material to target even though there are also the disadvantages. Nevertheless, lecture is still the best method in the process of delivering counseling materials.
The use of lecture before demonstration is to provide readiness of the counseling target about the material to be demonstrated. The targets will be confused if you suddenly do a demonstration without any prior lectures, so understanding the material first given followed by a demonstration to deepen understanding of the counseling target.
Demonstration method is very effective to be used to answer any question in the minds of counseling target that sometimes is difficult to be understood if the delivery is done with lecture. For example, the movement of brushing, it will be hard if we just lecturing and it will be easier to be understood if it is demonstrated tooth brushing motion.
The advantages of using demonstration method include:
1. Counseling target’s attention is more focused on what will be demonstrated.
2. Counseling target’s comprehension is more depth because of the direct practice experience demonstrated.
3. Perception of counseling target is clearer because the material presented through lectures is sometimes less understood. It is clearer because of observing the demonstration directly.
4. This method is also very nice that will impact more active target.
The disadvantages of demonstration method include:
1. If the number of counseling target is too much, they cannot see clearly about what is practiced and demonstrated.
2. The material presented is sometimes cannot be demonstrated, for example in the demonstration of brushing teeth, "germ" will be difficult to be demonstrated unlike tooth brushing movements or tooth brushing tools.

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