Various Kinds of Norm

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Based on the binding power and the sanctions available to the offenders, main norm is divided into six groups;folkways. Laws,mores, religion,courtesy, and fashion. 
1) Folkways 
Folkway is norm that is followed without thinking, but only based on tradition or custom prevailing in society. Folkway is wider than Custom. Custom is ways of acting that has been accepted by the community, for example: how to lift the cap, how to sit, how to eat, ways of making a proposal, and others. Both of folkways and customs do not require sanction (penalty for the implementation). Usually people who deviate from folkways are considered weird, crazy, ridiculed, mocked, and so on. For example: the way of eating, drinking, dressing, shoes, speaking, laughing, receiving guests, greetings, and so on. All of them follow the examples of folkways or Custom. Deviation of the folkwaysdoes not bring to chaos. 
norm teaching
2) Laws 
Laws are norms that come from the government in the form of regulations, instructions, statutes, decisions, and laws. Laws can be divided into two kinds. 
a) Written laws, for example: criminal law and civil law. 
b) Unwritten laws, such ascustoms. 
The existence of these rules, for those who break them will face sanctions or penalties. 
3) Mores 
Mores are the norms which come from habit made by human as the members of society such as manners and behavior. Mores usually are associated with religious beliefs. Whoever breaks mores, there is usually no direct punishment. The offender is usually isolated by the public and becomes the talk of the community. People usually observe to its members, whether anyone deviates from mores or not. If there is deviation, then they dare to give slurs, innuendoes, or force and drove him to leave their place. Actions of such society are called social pressure (social control). 
4) Religion 
Religion is norm that comes from God, containing commands, prohibitions, and advice concerning human relationships, and the relationship between human and God. 
5) Courtesy 
It is the norm which comes from the conscience of every human in society. The realization of courtesy is in the form of rules and customs done by humans as community members to be seen well, orderly, and appreciate each other. For example good dressed, be honest, and so on.

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