Parents’ Mistakes in Educating Their Children

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Parents’ Mistakes in Educating Their Children
Parenting Type applied by parents to their children determines the success of character education of children. Mistake in parenting will result in failure in the formation of good character.
According to Megawangi (2003), there are some parents mistakes in educating children which can affect the development of children emotional intelligence resulting in the formation of character, They are:
1. Lack of affection both verbally and physically.
2. Less spend enough time for their children.
3. Being verbally rude, such as quipping, discouraging children, and rude speaking.
4. Being physically violent, such as hitting, pinching, and providing other physical punishment.
5. Too force children to master the cognitive abilities early.
6. Not embedding 'good character' to the child.
parent and sons
According to Megawangi, the impact of the incorrect parenting will produce bad personality or low emotional intelligence of the children.
Children become indifferent; they do not need the others, and cannot accept friendship. Because since childhood, they experience anger, distrust, and other negative emotional disorders. When they are adults, they would refuse support, sympathy, love and other positive responses from those around them. They are seemed very independent, but not welcome and liked by others.
Emotionally they are unresponsive, in which the children rejected will not be able to give love to others.
Being Aggressive, they always want to hurt people either verbally or physically.
Being inferior, they feel worthless and useless.
Always having negative view on the surrounding environment, such as insecurity, worry, inferior, suspicious of others, and feel others being criticized him.
Emotional instability, that is not tolerant or resistant to stress, irritability, and unpredictable characteristics.
The balance between emotional and intellectual development. Other negative impacts can be learning strike, and even can trigger juvenile delinquency, and so on.
Parents who do not give security and give too much pressure on the child, will make the child not close, and not make them as the "role model", the child will have more believe in "peer group" so he is easily influenced by negative society. 

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