Definition and Object of Sociology

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Definition and Object of Sociology
Here are some definitions of Sociology According to some experts.
a. According to Roucekdan Warren
Sociology is a study of the relationship between people and groups.
b. According to William F. Orgburn and Meyer F. Nimkoff
Sociology is scientific study of the social interaction and the result, namely social organization.
c. According to J.A.A. Van Doorn and C.J. Lammers
Sociology is science of community structures and processes that are stable.
d. According to Pitirim A. Sorokin
Sociology is a science that studies the following matters; Relationships and reciprocal influences among the various kinds of social phenomena, such as economical phenomenon and religion, family and moral, legal and economy, and society movement and politic. Relationship and reciprocal influences between social phenomena and nonsocial phenomena. E.g. geographical phenomenon and biological phenomenon. General characteristics of all kinds of social phenomena.
e. According to Selo soemardjan and Soelaeman Soemardi
Sociology or community science is the science that studies social structure and social processes, including social changes. Social structure is the whole relationship among the basic social elements, namely social norms, social institutions, social groups and social layers. Social process is the mutual influence of various aspects of life together.
Sociology Objects
There are two kinds of Sociology objects; material object and formal object.
a. Material object
Material object of sociology is social life, phenomena, and the process of human relationships that affect the unity of human life.
b. Formal object
Formal object of sociology is emphasized on humans as social beings or society. Thus, formal object of sociology is human relationships and the process arising from human relationship in society.

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