Characteristics and Nature of Sociology

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Characteristics and Nature of Sociology
The characteristics of Sociology
Sociology is one branch of social science groups that has the nature and characteristics as follows:
a. Empirical
 Science is based on observation of reality and common sense and the result is not speculative.
b. Theoretical
A science always tries to draw up abstraction of the observation results. The abstraction is a logical conclusion that aims to explain the causal relationship so that it becomes a theory.
c. Cumulative
Science is prepared on the basis of theories that already exist or improves, expands, and strengthens the old theories.
d. No ethical
The discussion of a problem does not question the good or bad problem, but rather to explain the matter in depth.
sociologyNature of Sociology
The Natures of sociology as a science are as follows:
a. Sociology is a social science, it is consistent with the fact that sociology studies or deals with the phenomena of society.
b. In sociology, the object studied is restricted to what is happening now and not what should be happening at this time. Therefore, sociology is also called normative science.
c. In terms of the implementation, sociology can be classified into pure science and applied science.
d. Sociology is abstract science and not concrete science. It means that the concern is the event form and patterns in the community as a whole, not just the event itself.
e. Sociology aims to generate understanding and common patterns of human and society. Sociology researches and looks for what the principles and general laws of human interaction and the nature, form, content and structure of society.
f. Sociology is a general science, not specific, meaning that sociology studies the general phenomena existing in human interaction.

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