Definition and Characteristic of Society

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What is the definition of society?

Here are the definitions of society according to the experts:
1. According to J.L. Gilin and J.P. Gilin
Society is group that is scattered with the same feeling of unity.
2. According to Max Weber
Society is a structure or action which is principally determined by the dominant expectations and values on its citizens.
3. According to Emile Durkheim
According to this sociologist, society is an objective reality of individuals who are the members.
4. According to Karl Marx
Society is a structure that suffers organization tension or development because of the conflict among the groups fragmented economically.
5. According to M.J. Herskovits
Society is group of individuals who are organized and follow a certain way of life.
 6. According to Selo soemardjan
Society is people who live together and produce culture.

societyThe characteristics of society are as follows:
1. People who live with at least consisting of two people.
2. Associating in a long time. As a result of living with, there are communication system and regulations that govern human relations.
3. Being Aware that they are unity.
4. It is a system of living together. The system raises culture because they feel related to each other.

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