How to Control The Ego and Emotion

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I personally was a cinch emotion, hard to control myself, selfish, and impatient ..
Graduated from college and began working to make me feel a little more able to control myself, began to realize that many org that it can not accept the nature and attitude.
When I met couples, I'm not too enthusiastic, because when I was emotional, he was silent, indeterminate respond, so morbidly channeled my emotions and disappear, cut precipitate.
Socializing with various characteristics and attitudes to work, entrepreneurship, housekeeping, made me very conscious, not the narrow world .. 
When I was dropped or elevated, does not necessarily make me worse or be proud of ourselves, because all of the process, not the results. And for me, all of the tests. 
Many circumstances make me throw away all the ego, emotions, and turn it into a mature mind .. Because "not necessarily succumb to lose" Well, it must be enjoyed .. 
I am sure, all of which look miserable or painful yesterday and today, if I bs accept it with positive and believe they are on the right path, one day, the results will be amazing .. Allah is good .. 
"The Lord thy favor Which do you deny?" I had more reason to be grateful rather than complain. Allah is good ..

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