Approach of Sociology

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Approach of Sociology
In terms of sociological approach by Drs. Kuswanto, there are two characteristics; comparative and holistic.
a. Comparative Approach
Comparative approach is an approach that looks human with a broad view, not only the people who are isolated or in certain social traditions.

The characteristics of comparative approach are:
1) Trying to identify similarities and differences to the generalization. 
2) Trying to provide a description of acceptable scientific explanation.
3) Comparing between one community and the other, including a tradition and the other traditions in the whole place and time.
sociology4) Providing a description of the variety of social forms and recording the origin and human development with its customs, including the dimension of time.
b. Holistic approach
Holistic approach is an approach based on the idea that people can be investigated as a whole, as the units that are functional, or as certain systems. Sociology tries to cover the whole scope of everything related to humanity until the generalizations.
Specifically holistic approach in sociology has two primary aspects:
1) Trying to review the human culture as a single network interrelated, as an organized unity, and as a functioning whole. In which all parts are interconnected as a system component. Something happened in one component will affect the overall structure and work.
2) Studying the biological and socio-cultural characteristics of the species. The physical and cultural evolutions of human are not seen without linked to get a proper understanding.

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