Forms and the Origin of State

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State can be seen as an association of human living and cooperating to pursue some common goals. It can be said that the ultimate goal of every state is creating the happiness of the people, Budiharjo Miriam (2010).

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Forms of State
Here are some state forms in the world:
1. Unitary
2. Federation
3. Confederation
4. Union, it is divided into 2; Real Union and Personnel Union 
5. Dominion
6. Colony
7. Protectorate
8. Mandate
9. Trust

The origin of a State
Based on the fact, a state occurs due to some causes:
1. Occupation - It is an area occupied by a group of people
2. Separation - It is an area that originally is a territory of specific area then escaping.
3. Merger, It is some countries that merge into one
4. Splitting, it is the disappearance of a country and the emergence of new state

Based on the theory, a state occurs because:
1. Godhead Theory, a state occurs because of the will of God
2. Theory of community agreements, a state occurs because of the agreement of the individuals (social contract)
3. Theory of Power, a state is formed due to the power / strength
4. Theory of Natural Law, a state occurs because of the desire to meet various human needs.

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