Factors Influencing Attitude

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An attitude is not automatically realized in an action. For the realization of attitude to become a real act, it is required supporting factor or possible condition, such as facilities.
For example, a positive attitude of a mother towards the immunization should receive confirmation of her husband, and there is an immunization facility easily reached in order to make the mother immunizing the child. Besides facility factor, it also needed supporting factor (support) from other parties, such as the parents of wife or husband that are very important to support.
Factors that influence attitudes:
1. Personal experience
To be able to be the basis of attitude formation, personal experience should make strong impression. Therefore, the attitude will be more easily formed if the personal experience occurs in situation involving emotional factors.
2. Influence of others that are considered important
In general, people tend to have a conformist attitude or be unidirectional of the others attitude who are considered important. This tendency is motivated by a desire to affiliate and avoid conflict with the people who are considered important.
3. Cultural influence
Unwittingly, culture has instilled a steering line our attitude towards various issues. Culture has colored attitudes of community members, because it gives patterns of individual experiences in community. 
4. Mass media
In the newspapers, radio, television and other mass media, the news that should be factual delivered objectively tends to be influenced by the attitude of the author; consequently it influences the attitude of the consumers.
5. Educational and Religious Institutions
Moral concepts and teachings of educational and religious institutions determine the belief system. It is not surprising that in turn the concept influences the attitude.
6. Emotional Factor
Sometimes, a form of attitude is statement based on emotion that serves as frustration distribution or alienation of ego defense mechanism.

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