Good Topics of Research

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The first thing that should be considered by prospective researchers is the characteristics of a good research topic selected that can actually be quite valuable for the study.

research topic

The characteristics of a good research topic are:
1. Urgent to be examined
2. Produce something new to science
3. It is a contribution to the development of science and useful to society
4. Actual topics

Urgent to be examined means important for immediate investigation at the time. Many topics also need to be investigated but they are not urgent enough to be handled in terms of its usefulness range and the feasibility of the procedure. Researchers should always follow the development of science and give attention to social phenomena in society in order to be able to distinguish which problem should be addressed immediately and which ones can still be suspended in advance.

Produce something new to science means that research on a topic will generate new findings that can open the horizons of thinking and enrich the knowledge with the latest information. Research on a topic that will not produce new things to science will be useless. Perhaps the topic is not entirely new topic, but still required to bring forth the thesis and new hypotheses or at least new data.

Donations of science development and the benefit of research results for the community determine the value of the research. The results of the study should be significant contribution to the development of the scientific disciplines in particular and science in general, and can be perceived by society now and in the future.

Actual research topics will obviously be better than topics that have been "worn out". Researchers who always follow the development of science will be easier to find the actual and fresh topic. Conducting some researches on the obsolete topic only, especially the findings that have long been known and widely publicized so the results have been very conclusive, it does not make much sense anymore. Without being accompanied by a new approach or theory, research on the topic that is no longer actual value is not more than replication or repetition of the research that has been done to others.

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