What is Research Questionnaire?

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Research questionnaire is a kind of data collection instrument which is flexible and relatively easy to use. Factual data is resulted from such instrument.
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To create a good questionnaire, the researcher need to conduct pre  survey to gain general description about what is necessary and important to add to the questionnaire. This is important, because a good questionnaire should comprehensively covers all necessary data but brief, to avoid 
After obtaining general description about collecting data and field research situation, questionnaire maker should considers other things such as characteristic of respondent candidates (age, education level, gender, and others), format will be used (open format or close format, fill  in  the blank format or multiple choice format, and so on), data coding and tabulation (manually or computerized), data analysis and many more.
Questionnaire consists of 2 parts:
Introduction, which consists of explanation, purpose, recommendation letter or support from the authorities.
Content, which consists of respondent general identity and main questions.
Explanation of the questionnaire parts:
Questionnaire purpose is made for explaining to the respondents about the purpose giving questionnaire or research purpose, data expected, benefit obtained from the research by society, researcher authority, and answers confidentiality.
Recommendation letter or support for authority and questionnaire legality. Questionnaire display to society or subjects which is from school institutional and educational institutions    will get more positive response of respondent if it is accompanied with recommendation letter from official or institutional competent people.
Respondent general identity should covers only necessary data about respondent. It is better to avoid asking sensitive questions if it does not really parts of the data. For example, religion or marital status which does not need to ask if it is not really necessary.
Outside the respondent general identity is contents of the questionnaire that is in the form of questions about main data required for the research, and is constructed framework which is based on the research purpose and pre  survey before.

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