Definition, Function and Characteristics of Research

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The definition of Research is a series of scientific activities in the framework of solving a problem. The result of the study is never intended as a direct solution to the problems faced, because research is just part of bigger problem solving effort.
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The function of research is to find explanations and answers to the problems and to provide an alternative to the possibilities that can be used for troubleshooting.
Explanations and answers of the problem can be abstract and general as well as in basic research, and can also be very concrete and specific as typically encountered in applied research.
Basic research usually indirectly provides information that is ready to settle matters but more emphasizes on the development of a model or theory that shows all the variables involved in a situation and hypothesizes about the relationship among the variables. Therefore, it is not uncommon of new problem solution can be achieved through the integration of results from several related researches.
As a scientific activity, research has the characteristics of scientific work:
1. Aim
It means that research activity cannot be separated from the frame of problem solving purposes. Although the study does not provide direct answers to the problems studied but the results should have a contribution in solving the problem.
2. Systematic
It means that the steps taken from the preparation, execution, until the completion of the research report should be well planned and followed by the correct methodology.
3. Controlled
It means that within certain limits, the researcher must be able to determine the phenomena to be observed and separate it from other disturbing phenomena.
4. Objective
It means that all the observations done and the conclusion taken by the researcher should not be based on the subjectivity of personal views and others interest influences.
5. Time-Tested
It means that the conclusion of the study should be the result of a study based on solid theory and true methods, so that anyone who will undertake specific replication of the research will come to a similar conclusion.

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