What is Research Hypothesis

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In inferential research, which is commonly conducting qualitative analysis approach, requires an answer prediction from the established questions in the form of research hypothesis.
Hypothesis research
Research hypothesis is defined as tentative answer to the research questions. Hence, formulation of hypothesis varies from research questions. It should fulfill the following characteristics:
It should be stated in the form of declarative statements, not interrogative statements.
It consists of statements about the relation between at least two variables.
It should be testable. Testable hypothesis will specifically displays how the research variables measured and how the relation prediction between concerned variables.
With criteria above, we can see that the following examples are not the examples of hypothesis yet:
"Is it true that dental fluorosis is able to be treated?"
"Is it possible that bachelor of dental is able to conduct dental abrasion and erosion treatment?"
While the following is hypothesis, because fulfilling the criteria above:
"The more education, the more dental caries treatment index number".

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