Definition, Purpose and Object of Philosophy of Science

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Philosophy of Science is a branch of philosophy that deals with the problems of science. It can be divided into a number of more specific science philosophy, such as mathematics philosophy, physics philosophy, biology philosophy, social science philosophy and law philosophy.


According to Prof. Dr Absori, philosophy of science is a branch of philosophy that discusses or reflects fundamentally and integrally about certain science nature. Meanwhile, philosophy is thinking of searching for the answers, which the answers found are never absolute. According to Prof. Dr Moses Asy`arie, philosophy is radical thinking in finding the root of free metaphysical realistic.

Definition of philosophy of science has often found in various books and other scientific articles. Philosophy of science is all reflective thinking to issues concerning all matters relating to the science foundation and the relationship between science and all aspects of human life. Philosophy of science is a mix knowledge field that the existence and the development depend on reciprocity and mutual influence between philosophy and science.

The purpose of philosophy of science is to provide an understanding of what and how the nature, the characteristic and status of science and technology in the human knowledge horizon. Besides, philosophy of science also expands the scientific horizon as readiness in the face of the development of science and technology that progress so fast, spectacular, basic, which intensively touches all facets and aspects of life and intensively reorganizes human culture. So, philosophy of science is a continuation of the development of knowledge philosophy.

The object of philosophy of science is science. Therefore, every time the science changes to follow the developmental times and circumstances without leaving the old knowledge. The old knowledge will be the basis for the new knowledge searching. This is similar to the statement of Archie J. Bahm that science (as theory) is something that is always changing.

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