The Prevention and Medical Treatment of Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer Prevention
The main and best manner to decrease the risk of getting lung cancer is stop smoke. Someone who has stopped to smoke during 10 years, its mean he has succeeds to reduce his risk to get lung cancer as big as 30-50%.

While the prevention efforts can be done by keep the immune system through healthy life (discipline sport, sleeping enough, live without stress, and healthy food).

Besides that, the people that included in the type of high risk are suggested to always wary. If they have complaint about breathe such as cough, asthma, or pain in the thorax; they ought as soon as to look their self into lung doctor.

In fact, the most of early stadium case found unintentionally, example when someone does another healthy inspection. There is about 25% from sufferer of lung cancer knows their disease symptom after several times they do X-ray inspection in the thorax or CT scan. (If proofed there is lung cancer so will appear).

The Medical Treatment of Lung Cancer

The medical treatment of lung cancer is done by consider history and healthy general condition aspect of sufferer, also cancer stadium. If the doctor suspects that his patient gotten lung cancer, commonly He will do physic inspection and withdrawal sputum sample to be inspected with microscope; several types of lung cancer can be detected by sputum. If in the sputum analyze hasnt found cancer cells, the doctor may suggest the patient to do extra inspection:

1. X-Ray or CT Scan Thorax.

2. Bronchoscopy

3. Needle Biopsy, that is withdrawal lung cancer tissue sample to be inspected the type of cancer by pathology.

4. Bone Scan, is the inspection that be done on the bone, this action will be done if the doctor suspects there is spreading cancer in the bone.

5. Mediastinoscopy, is withdrawal lymph gland tissue sample to detect spreading cancer to lymph gland.

6. The last extra inspection is blood inspection which concerned with cancer marker for lung cancer like PTH (to differentiate lung cancer with-example-pleura cancer), CEA (if its degree more than 50, it indicates that lung cancer in advance stadium), or CYFRA21-1 protein marker lung cancer), commonly, the act that be done for lung cancer sufferer in the advance stadium is some medical treatment such as:

1. Dissection; dissection action will be done to the cancer which hasnt spread yet until to the other tissue in the lung outside.

2. Radiotherapy; radiation sometimes will be used as main lung cancer medical treatment, example for sufferer who doesnt health enough to walk on operation. While for another sufferer, radiation will be done to dim the cancer (acted before operation). In the advance stadium case, radiation can be used to soothe the symptom such as pain, blooding, and swallow trouble.

3. Chemotherapy; commonly the primer chemotherapy will be done for lung cancer which has spread.

Chemotherapy and radiation often become chosen alternative because of dissection action commonly hasnt big effect toward the sufferer survival. But necessary to remember, each medical treatment action must be done suitable with the type and cancer condition. The effect that will appear also must be considered.

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