Cryosurgery for Lung Cancer

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The lung cancer therapy manner
Can be done by:

1. Dissection by removal one part of lung, sometime exceed width of the place cancer has been found and remove all of lymph gland which has gotten cancer.

2. Radiotherapy or radiation with X-ray that has high intensity to kill cancer cell.

3. Chemotherapy

Together with technology development, recently already exist a tool that be able to kill lung cancer by coagulates them, that is congealed dissection technology (cryosurgery). This therapy is very useful for lung cancer advance stadium sufferer because of in this stadium; dissection by adoption is not possible to do caused of the cancer cell has spread.
lung cancer image
Cryosurgery hasnt been followed by cancer tissue adoption. When the location of cancer has been known, a much of pins or probes will be entered into cancer Massa to coagulate that cancer with argon gas helping. Cancer Massa will be coagulated until the temperature become -120 until -160 Celsius degree during several minutes until become a wadding ice. After freezing, cancer Massa will be littler then broke. The die cancer cell will be stimulant substance to anticancer substance formation.

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