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Definition of lung cancer is ferocity cell growth that exists in the lung tissue. According to WHO, lung cancer is the main death cause in the cancer type, both men and women. Lung cancer has contributed as big as 32% in the men death and 25% in the women death for cancer sufferer. But 90% of lung cancer sufferer is active smoker and ex-smoker.

lung cancer causes smoke

There is correlation between lung cancer incidents with the cigarette amount that be sucked by someone every day. One of nine hard smokers will suffer lung cancer. Recently, many research reports explain that passive smokers have risk to get lung cancer. The children who always get fume of smoke during 25 years, in the young age their probability to get lung cancer risk is double if compare with the children that havent gotten fume of smoke. The women who live with the husband / smokers couple also can get the lung cancer risk triples more if compared with the women that her husband isnt smokers.

If we smoke one pack every day, it can increase lung cancer risk as much as ten-fold; if we smoke two packs every day, it can increase lung cancer risk 25-fold. The fact in the America: from 180.000 people that verdict get lung cancer every year, 86% will die 5 years later after they have diagnosed. Like that, this lung cancer has serious correlation with the habit smoker, neither active smokers nor passive smokers. Both of them have the same high risk to get lung cancer. Approximately 25% sufferer of lung cancer nonsmokers is from passive smokers.

Why lung cancer is very dangerous for its sufferer? Because, it characteristic lean to spread. Lung cancer can spread to every organ in the body; especially in the adrenal gland, liver, brain and bone. So, this cancer is one of the types of cancer that very difficult to treat. Even lung cancer (commonly adenocarcinoma and carcinoma alveolar cell) sometimes it happened to people who have lung which has rasp tissue because of the other lung disease like tuberculosis and fibrosis.

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